Indoor Tips

Click the water droplets below for water-saving ideas in your home.

  • Sink
    Fill it first You'll use far less water by filling your sink to rinse vegetables, pans and dishes than by just letting the water run. Read more
  • Stove
    Reuse cooking waterConsider watering your plants with the water left over from cooked pasta and vegetables. Seriously. The extra nutrients often help plants grow better.
  • Dishwasher
    Load it fullThe more dishes you get into the dishwasher per load, the more efficient your water use. Newer dishwashers use about half the water of older models, too. Read more
  • Toilet
    Upgrade your toiletsNewer models use just 1.28 gallons per flush. Models made prior to 1992 use between 3.5 and 7 gallons per flush. You'll save thousands of gallons every year. Read more
  • Bathroom Sink
    Fix all dripsOn average, leaks make up about 14% of all indoor water use.
    If your faucet is not dripping, you'll save about 3 gallons of water by turning it off while brushing your teeth. Read more
  • Shower
    Shorten your showerShowering just one minute less every day will save up to 1,875 gallons of water each year. In addition, replacing old showerheads can cut your water use in half. Read more
  • Washing Machine
    Wash full loadsLaundry uses over 20% of all the water in your home. Use discretion when washing. Newer front loading machines also use about half the water and detergent of conventional models. Read more