Mowing Tips

  • Mow your lawn higher. Set blades to 3-4 inches. Taller grass means deeper roots that can access water that is deeper in the soil. Tall grass also shades roots and soil to reduce evaporation loss.
  • Apply as little fertilizer to your lawn as possible. Applying excess fertilizer increases water consumption and actually creates more mowing for you! Use iron-based fertilizers to simply “green up” your lawn instead.
  • Remove grass from park strips and convert lawn that is rarely used to drought-tolerant and Utah native plants. Waterwise examples are found at
  • Follow the weekly lawn watering guide and find out how many times per week you should water according to conditions for your county. The guide takes extensive data and simplifies it into how many days per week to water in each county. (Microclimates may require adjustments to your watering schedule.)