Plant Tips

  • Remove weeds from the garden — this helps cut down on excess water consumption due to plant competition.
  • Use a thick layer of mulch around landscape plants and on bare soil surfaces — this reduces evaporation, promotes plant growth and reduces weeds. Apply 2-4 inches of mulch and apply every year for organic mulches or when needed for inorganic mulches.
  • Plant new plants, prune, and divide perennials when temperatures are cooler and will require less water. Springtime is generally the best time to plant and divide because Mother Nature can water your plants for you and reduce plant stress.
  • Hydro-zone your yard by arranging plants in your garden according to watering needs and consider your sprinkler zones. 
  • Spot water to green up dry spots. 
  • Create a compost pile in your yard to add nutrients and organic matter to the soil.
  • Plants don’t drink as much water as you think! Learn how much water they need and how to apply just the right amount.
  • Collect the runoff from your roof in a barrel. A 50-gallon rain barrel can capture up to 73% of the total yearly runoff – here in Utah that equates to between 1,500 and 4,800 gallons a year, depending on your location. Register for free with the Division of Water Rights if you intend to collect water in more than two barrels or have a barrel that stores 100 gallons or more.