Plant Tips

  • Plant your garden when temperatures are cooler and plants require less water — this is also less stressful for the plants.
  • Use a thick layer of mulch around landscape plants and on bare soil surfaces — this reduces evaporation, promotes plant growth and reduces weeds.
  • Collect the runoff from your roof in a barrel and use it on your plants and garden.
  • Arrange plants in your garden according to watering need.
  • Remove weeds from the garden — this helps cut down on excess water consumption due to plant competition.
  • Don’t overreact and try to drown the brown spots in your lawn. Simply moisten the area up a bit and the grass will green up in a few days.
  • Create a compost pile and use it in your yard to add needed nutrients and organic matter to the soil.
  • Don’t over-water your plants. Learn how much water they need and how best to apply just the right amount.